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How to Install & Setup the SubDrive Connect Plus



If you are in need of a higher horsepower variable frequency drive, install submersible and centrifugal pump applications, and want an easy-to-use interface and mobile app capabilities, this course is for you. A member of the SubDrive product family, the SubDrive Connect Plus offers extended horsepower constant pressure solutions. Complete this self-paced, 30-minute course to learn just how easy it is to install and program this product.


  • You must complete this course in 60 days
  • You must view all course components

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the solution SubDrive Connect Plus provides, along with product components
  • Understand the information and visuals needed to provide a quality service to your customer
  • Learn basic installation and programming, using the SubDrive Connect Plus plug-and-play design and simple interface
  • Ability to download and use the FE Connect mobile app