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  • Voltmeter: Measuring Voltage

    When troubleshooting a submersible water system, a voltmeter is one of the key tools you will need. Watch this video to learn how to troubleshoot voltage with a voltmeter. 

    • Duration 2m
  • Ammeter: What is Current?

    Current is measured by an ammeter in amperage, or "amps." Amperage tells you how hard the pump and motor are working. 

    • Duration 1m
  • Ohmmeter: Measuring Winding Resistance

    The information in this video helps you further understand the condition of your motor. Learn how to use ohmmeters to measure winding resistance in a submersible motor. 

    • Duration 1m
  • Voltmeter: Supply Voltage vs. Nameplate Voltage

    It is important to distinguish and understand the difference between supply voltage and nameplate voltage when troubleshooting a submersible water system. This video explains how.

    • Duration 1m
  • Ohmmeter: What is Resistance?

    In a water system, there is friction loss. In an electrical system, there is resistance. This video examines these two concepts and how you can use ohmmeters to determine the condition of your submersible installation.

    • Duration 2m
  • Capacitor Tester: What is a Capacitor?

    Capacitors, found in Franklin Electric single-phase control boxes, improve the performance of the motor. Rather than replacing the entire control box, consider checking the condition of the start and run capacitors with a capacitor tester. 

    • Duration 1m
  • How to Configure Your Vertical Lineshaft Turbine with FE Select

    You're familiar with FE Select, Franklin Electric's online sizing tool that quickly configures and quotes Franklin Electric products. Now, simplify your configuration tasks for Franklin Electric's FVT Series Vertical Lineshaft Turbines while having the flexibility to focus on the details that...

    • Duration 45m
  • Pioneer Pump Products on FE Select

    We'd like to introduce you to Pioneer Pump® products on FE Select, a digital pump software tool that makes product selection and configuration easy for distributors and contractors. Save time by quickly sizing and selecting Pioneer Pump products and other...

    • Duration 45m
  • SubDrive Utility Installation, Setup & Diagnosis

    During this 1-hour webinar, Franklin Electric US Southeast Region Field Service Engineer, Bob Lilland, will discuss the SubDrive Utility UT2W and UT3P in-depth. He'll discuss the benefits, installation, setup, and maintenance of the product. He'll also touch on diagnosis. Watch this...

    • Duration 1h
  • Diagnosing Motors & Controls with Meters

    Looking to sharpen your meter troubleshooting skills?  During this 1-hour webinar, Franklin Electric Southeast Region Field Service Engineer, Bob Lilland, will show you how to use the right tools in the right way to troubleshoot Franklin Electric products. This session...

    • Duration 1h
  • Streamline Your Sales with FE Select's New Quotation Management Feature

    You're familiar with FE Select, Franklin Electric's online sizing tool that quickly configures and quotes Franklin Electric products. Now, save even more time by streamlining your sales efforts in one place with FE Select's newest quotation management feature. Starting Sept....

    • Duration 30m
  • Performance Beyond the Pump: IGP Series Retrofit Kits

    Franklin Electric’s FPS IGP Series Retrofit Kits are designed as a direct replacement for small horsepower progressive cavity and other centrifugal grinder systems. Ideal for residential and light commercial sewage waste transfer, these 2 HP pumps are available in both...

    • Duration 30m
  • HWR Series: High-Resistance for the Long Run

    With a limited number of days to operate in the agriculture industry, any downtime while growing and harvesting crops or managing livestock can lead to a lower crop yield or decreased livestock value. Make every day of your pumping season...

    • Duration 30m
  • Improve Your Backup Plan with Pioneer Pump Diesel-Driven Skid Packages

    Improve your municipal lift station backup plan with Pioneer Pump® Diesel-Driven Skid Packages. Less expensive with lower operating and maintenance costs, diesel-driven skid packages offer double protection in cases of both electrical failure and submersible pump failure. These packages also...

    • Duration 40m
  • VR Series: Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps

    During this 1-hour webinar, Franklin Electric Senior Portfolio Manager, Steve Ulrich, introduces you to the VR Series Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps, informing you when and how our solution helps you optimize your system. 

    • Duration 1h
  • Franklin Electric Solar Pumping Solutions

    During this 60-minute recorded webinar, Franklin Electric South Central Region Territory Manager, Jesse Zwiebel, provides an overview of solar power. This presentation discusses the Franklin Electric Fhoton™ and SubDrive SolarPAK packaged systems features and benefits and system sizing. This session...

    • Duration 1h
  • SubDrive Utility: A Focused Look at Simplified Constant Pressure

    During this 60-minute recorded webinar, Franklin Electric Southeast Region Field Service Engineer, Bob Lilland, provides a focused look at the SubDrive and MonoDrive Utility. This session covers the fundamentals of SubDrive and MonoDrive Utility including product features and benefits, applications,...

    • Duration 1h
  • SubDrive Connect: A Deeper Dive into Innovation

    During this 60-minute webinar, Franklin Electric Regional Technical Service Manager, Dave Batdorff, provides an in-depth look at SubDrive Connect. Building from the SubDrive Products: Innovation to Conquer the Challenges of Today webinar, this session discusses the technical aspects of SubDrive...

    • Duration 1h
  • SubDrive Products: Innovation to Conquer the Challenges of Today

    Do you want to simplify your inventory? Store less SKUs on your shelves? Or keep fewer units on your truck? With the versatility of the Franklin Electric SubDrive product family, cover ALL your constant pressure and pump control needs with...

    • Duration 1h
    • Beginner
  • Introduction to Variable Speed

    This introductory course includes an overview of municipal water systems, similarities, and differences between a conventional and variable speed system, basic components of a variable speed system, including variable frequency drives, and how you can provide an optimal experience to...

    • Path
    • Duration 16m
    • Credential