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  • How to Program for Multi-Drive Operation

    A multi-drive pump configuration is ideal for a system that needs constant pressure with a wide range of flow, such as an apartment building or manufacturing facility. During this video we'll show you how you can program your Cerus X-Drive...

    • Duration 6m
  • How to Program for Multi-Motor Operation

    Several multi-motor configurations are available for the Cerus X-Drive, including equal run time, soft start mode, lead-lag, alternative run time, and rotating lead. This tutorial shows you how you can program your drive to enable Lead-Lag relay control for multi-motor...

    • Duration 4m
  • How to Program for Dual PID Loop Control Operation

    During this tutorial, we'll walk through two Dual PID Loop Control applications: balancing pressure of long pipe systems with multiple booster pumps in series, and optimizing pumping from a tank or well. 

    • Duration 6m
  • How to Test System Operation

    View this video to learn how you can quickly determine if your sump pump battery backup system is operating correctly.

    • Duration 3m
  • SubMonitor Connect Tutorials

    Learn the in-demand skills you need to perform the best installation and replacement procedures for the SubMonitor Connect

    • Path
    • Duration 18m
    • Beginner
  • QD vs. Standard vs. Deluxe Control Boxes

    Controls are an important part of a submersible motor power system, allowing operators to adjust, start, and stop various functions. Franklin Electric single-phase control boxes are designed and optimized specifically for Franklin Electric 3-wire motors. Learn the similarities and differences...

    • Duration 2m
  • 2- vs. 3-Wire Submersible Motors

    Franklin Electric's 4-inch motors are the driving force behind residential and light commercial submersible pump applications. To select the correct motor for your application, you need to know the difference between a 2-wire and a 3-wire submersible motor. 

    • Duration 2m
    • Beginner
  • Pressure Sensor vs. Pressure Transducer

    There are two main types of residential water well systems: Conventional Systems and Variable-Speed, or Constant Pressure, Systems. A Conventional System usually has fluctuations in water pressure. A Constant Pressure System does not. View this video to learn two pressure...

    • Duration 2m
  • Service Factor, Defined

    To protect the life of your Franklin Electric motor, understand Service Factor. Motor Service Factor, or SF, is the percent of overloading a motor can handle for short periods of time when operating normally within the correct voltage requirements. 

    • Duration 1m
  • Pressure Generation & Gallons Per Minute, Defined

    Franklin Electric offers a wide array of submersible pumps and vertical turbines designed for the movement of water and corrosive chemicals. This video covers two core concepts to help you understand submersible pump basics: pressure generation and gallons per minute. 

    • Duration 1m
    • Beginner