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  • Here's What You Need to Know About the 5 Series

    During this video, Jeremiah discusses the solution this product provides including ideal applications, key features, and ease of use -- equipping you to select the right product for your application.

    • Duration 5m
  • Save Time From Selection to Startup with Pioneer Pump ElectricPAK

    Meet the newest standard offering from Pioneer Pump®, the ElectricPAK™. Designed modularly for quick turnaround, the ElectricPAK can arrive on-site and startup quickly. During this training Large Surface Centrifugal Pumps Product Manager, Mario DeSimone, will show you how the modular...

    • Duration 30m
  • Condensate 101: VCCA

    This training session discusses condensation and showcases the Little Giant lineup of condensate removal pumps, focusing on the VCCA-20 and VCCA-20-P. A 101-level training, this presentation highlights our Little Giant "core" products on the HVAC selection tool.

    • Duration 30m
    • Beginner
  • How to Connect to Cerus X-Drive Using FE Connect

    The Cerus® X-Drive companion app is an intuitive way to wirelessly configure and control your VFD through live monitoring of system performance, advanced troubleshooting, fault log monitoring, and advanced configurations. Watch this video to learn how to use the FE...

    • Duration 2m
  • How to Set Cerus X-Drive Date & Time

    Record real-time data for faults and parameter changes by synching your Cerus® X-Drive's date & time via the mobile app, or by setting the clock on the drive. Watch this video to learn more.

    • Duration 1m
  • How to Reset Cerus X-Drive Parameters

    Did your drive crash? Need to perform a parameter reset to finalize a firmware update? Here's how to reset parameters for your Cerus® X-Drive.

    • Duration 1m
  • Harness the Power of the Sun: Franklin Electric Pumping Solutions

    Did you realize that you can pump water free from electrical utility dependence? During this 1-hour webinar, we'll share our experience of what works best when considering solar pump technology. We'll look at packaged systems—the Franklin Electric Fhoton™ and SubDrive SolarPAK—and...

    • Duration 53m
    • Rating 5.0
  • Meters

    Gain tremendous insight into a water system by using meters. During this video series, we'll cover the core tools you can use to quickly troubleshoot Franklin Electric products.

    • Path
    • Duration 30m
    • Beginner
  • Ammeter: Measuring Amperage

    A clamp-on ammeter allows you to measure the current in your submersible installation system without breaking the circuit. Amperage, obtained from measuring current, can tell you whether or not a motor is overloaded or underloaded. 

    • Duration 2m
  • Voltmeter: Supply Voltage vs. Nameplate Voltage

    It is important to distinguish and understand the difference between supply voltage and nameplate voltage when troubleshooting a submersible water system. This video explains how.

    • Duration 1m
  • Capacitor Tester: What is a Capacitor?

    Capacitors, found in Franklin Electric single-phase control boxes, improve the performance of the motor. Rather than replacing the entire control box, consider checking the condition of the start and run capacitors with a capacitor tester. 

    • Duration 1m
  • Ohmmeter: Measuring Winding Resistance

    The information in this video helps you further understand the condition of your motor. Learn how to use ohmmeters to measure winding resistance in a submersible motor. 

    • Duration 1m
  • Ammeter: What is Current?

    Current is measured by an ammeter in amperage, or "amps." Amperage tells you how hard the pump and motor are working. 

    • Duration 1m
  • Ohmmeter: What is Resistance?

    In a water system, there is friction loss. In an electrical system, there is resistance. This video examines these two concepts and how you can use ohmmeters to determine the condition of your submersible installation.

    • Duration 2m
  • Capacitor Tester: Troubleshooting

    For larger, single-phase Franklin Electric control boxes, troubleshoot the start and run capacitors using a capacitor tester.

    • Duration 1m